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What makes us unique

Is the intelligence and passion for creating magnificent things

Did you know that the ant is believed to be the strongest insect in the world? A tiny creature that can work miracles. And when they work together as a community, ants are capable of solving complex problems, with the work of any individual ant coordinated and its experience shared, forming an perfectly optimised process. This way ants can always meet their goals.

At Stahlwerk Ost we are just like ants. As we have mastered teamwork, you can trust us to satisfy any your demands. Whether it is an individual design of a new building, renovation and modernisation of residential premises, office space or presentation area, or any other company building, we provide assistance and offer the best solutions to professionally carry out your project with great care to detail.

Co możemy Ci zaoferować?

Stahlwerk Ost is pure passion for metal and wood design. From individual pieces of furniture to window assemblies, doors and stairs to other kinds of constructions – just tell us your “metal dreams” and wait for us to complete the unique perfect product.


Our clients most often order the following products:

  • wooden furniture in a loft style
  • glass partitions
  • industrial (steel) windows
  • classic and sliding doors (steel structure)
  • wooden stairs
  • various steel structures.
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If at this point you are convinced ?

Please pick up your phone and dial: telefon en +48 539 231 888

or email us on email en

Describe your metal project and leave a contact number. We’ll get in touch.

Looking forward to putting your steel dreams to life,

Stahlwerk Ost team